Waterskiing Sermon

A Minister noted that he was losing the attention of especially the young people in his audience, so he decided to prepare a sermon for the following Sunday on the topic of water-skiing.

He sat for absolutely ages preparing and eventually came up with only one paragraph of information. His wife advised him that she wouldn’t be attending church on Sunday if he insisted on going ahead and making a fool of himself.

Late on Saturday evening, and without advising his wife, he changed his mind and dug up a sermon which had always met with great success on the topic of sex in marriage.

Anyway, his wife didn’t attend his sermon on the Sunday, but, after church, two old ladies who had attended were having a conversation with the Minister’s wife and told her what a brilliant sermon her husband had given and how much they had enjoyed it.

She was quite astonished and said: “I’m really surprised, because he doesn’t know anything about the topic. He’s only tried it twice – the first time he fell off and the second time he felt nauseous”.

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