Airplane Restroom

A man in an airplane has to go to the bathroom really badly. He stands up to go over to the bathroom and tries to open the door. Its locked. He sits down and tries five minutes later. Its locked. He does this several times until one time one of the laides tells him to just go into the girls bathroom and that she would watch it for him. Before he walks in the lady said, “Make sure you don’t touch the atr button. No matter what.” So the guy says, “Sure, no problem.”

So he gets in there and sits down and starts doing his business. He see’s three buttons. The first button says ww. So he pushes it and a warm mist sprays his behind. He says, “that was pleasant lets try the next one.” He looks and it says, “p.” So he pushes it. A cool powder splashes up on him in the same spot. So he says, “this is great the atr button can’t be that bad.” So he pushes it.

He wakes up the next morning and asks, ” Where am I? That same lady is next to his bed and she says, “I told you not to push the atr button didn’t I.” He said, “yes, but all of the other buttons were fine. What was the atr button anyway?” She responded, “an automatic tampon remover.”

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