Chocolate Chip Cookies

An elderly woman decided to make chocolate chip cookies for her next-door neighbors. Being that she had very poor eyesight, she grabbed a bag of bullets instead of chocolate chips and poured them in the batter. She went next-door gave the cookies to the mother, who then gave them to her three children. Later that day, one child went up to the mother and said, “Mommy, mommy, there’s a bullet in the toilet!” The mother told her not to worry about it, she’ll take it out later. A few minutes after, the second child went to the mother and exclaimed that she also had found a bullet in the toilet. Again the mother said she would take care of it. Lastly, the third child approached the mother saying, “Mommy, mommy!” “Lemme guess, there’s a bullet in the toilet?,” interrupted the mother. “No,” said the child, “I just farted and I shot the dog!”

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