What’s in the brief case?

Once for a vaction my Aunt Pat and Uncle Don were driving down to Florida and they saw a hitch hiker. He was well-dressed and looked nice, he even had a brief case. My Uncle Don decided to pick him up and drive him a little because he looked nice and safe. They were driving down and my Aunt asked him, “Did your car break down or something? Your dressed too well to be hitch hiking.” He just says that he needed a ride so he would hitch hike. Then my Aunt asked him, “Well what do you have in the brief case?” The hitch hiker replies, “None of your damn business.” My Uncle heard this and told the guy, “Hey man, we are being nice enough to give you a ride, the least you can do is treat my wife with respect and answer her question. What’s in the brief case?” The guy replies to him, “I will tell you the same thing I told her. None of your damn business.” My Uncle Don pulls over the car and tells him to get out. After a few minutes had passed, my Aunt Pat looks in the back seat and noticed that he left the brief case in the back seat! What was in it?

… None of your damn business!

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