Country Love

A young, lonely guy driving across the country decided to pick up a stunning, blonde hitchhiker.

A few miles into the trek, the blonde started coming onto him, so needless to say, he pulled over to the side of the desolate, deserted road so she could give him some oral pleasure.

Once his pants were down to his ankles, the blonde surprised him with a gun and bound his wrists to his ankles. Then, she robbed him of his wallet and clothes, and drove off with his car.

Once she was out of sight, the man struggled to his feet and began hopping alongside the road in a desperate attempt to get something’s help. A short time later, a trucker pulled up alongside the troubled man.

“What happened to you?” asked the trucker, with a grin.

The man explained his plight…

The trucker stepped down from his truck, and as he unzipped his pants he remarked, “This just ain’t been your day, has it boy!”

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