Armed Robbery

Last April 1st, in a small local town, Josh and Big Hoss (the 2 rookie policemen) were patrolling the downtown business area. They decided to stop into the local coffee shop for a coffee and a donut. The time was 11:55 A.M.

Three minutes later, they got a call on their police radio, “33 in process, man in bank dressed as a banana.” Well there was only one bank in town, in fact, it was just across from the coffee shop. And a 33 was an “armed robbery” but it was also just 11:58 AM and Josh and Big Hoss decided it was the dispatcher playing a joke on them. So they continued on enjoying their coffee break. At 12:01 PM, they got a second call on their radio, “Repeat, Urgent, 33 in process, man in bank dressed as a banana.” Realizing it was past noon, they rushed across the street, but arrived 30 seconds after the banana split.

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