Chinese Fishing

One day your dad is fishing at a lake. After a couple of hours he still didn’t catch a fish. Not even a goldfish. Suddenly a Chinese man appears with no fishing tools. He bends over and puts two fingers in the water. In a few seconds a fish gets stuck on his fingers.

Your dad is just watching at this picture. And after a while the Chinese man had enough to feed a whole family. Your dad gets curious and asks the Chinese man how he did that.

The Chinese man says: If you put two fingers of you in your woman, then you will see. You can do this too. So your dad jumps up, gets his fishing tools together and goes home.

When he arrives at home, he sees your mum standing on a ladder cleaning the windows. Your dad sticks two fingers in your mums valley, your mums turns her head and says to your dad: you filthy Chinese man, are you there again

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