Redneck Students

Two dumb redneck friends are beginning to attend school. One of the friends goes to the University to speak with a counselor about the course work each of them are going to take.

The counselor tells him that he needs to take a logic class. The redneck asks, “What’s logic.” The counselor says, “Well, do you own a lawn mower?” He replies, “Yes.” “Well then you must live in a house,” replies the counselor. “Sure do,” says the student. “And if you live in a house, then you’re probably married.” says the counselor. “And if your married, then you’re probably heterosexual.” The counselor advises, “Well, this is logic.”

So, the redneck returns to his friend and tells him they need to take a logic class. His friends asks, “What’s logic?”

He replies, “Well, you own a lawn mower, right?” His friend replies, “No.”

“Then you must be a fag.”

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