Rabbi Golfer

An Orthodox rabbi lived a pious and exemplary life. Besides his learning, he had one true passion: he loved to play golf. So when a friend of his wangled an invitation to play a round at an ultra exclusive Country Club that normally did not invite people of the rabbi’s religious persuasion, he jumped at the chance, until he found out that the round was scheduled for Saturday, which of course is his Sabbath and on which day he was forbidden to do ANY work, including the “work” of playing golf. He tossed and turned with his dilemma, until greed won out, and he duly appeared at the Country Club early Saturday morning.

A passing angel looked down and saw the rabbi getting ready to tee off on the first hole. Profoundly disturbed, the angel runs to God and tells him what is about to take place. God says: “Don’t worry. I’ll teach him a lesson but good.” So on the first hole the rabbi drives 415 yards for a hole-in-one!

“What kind of a lesson was THAT?”, queried the angel.

God’s response was, “Who can he tell?”.

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