A Fairy Tale

Cinderella was all upset she couldn’t go to the ball. But then, her fairy godmother appeared and said “You can go to the ball on two conditions.”

“Great! I’ll do anything!” said Cinderella.

“Ok” said the fairy godmother “The first condition is … you have to wear a diaphragm”

“No problem” said Cinderella.

“The second condition,” continued the fairy godmother, “if you’re not home by midnight, your diaphragm will turn into a pumpkin”

“Yikes” said Cinderella, “I’ll be home by midnight”. So midnight comes and goes, and finally it’s 3 a.m.

Cinderella is just getting home, looking extremely satisfied. “Where have you been?! Your diaphragm should’ve turned into a pumpkin hours ago!” said her fairy godmother.

“I met a man”, said Cinderella. “His name was Peter Peter something or other …”

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