Putting for Gold

Three old men are about to get started for 18 holes one day when the starter asks if they would mind a young lady joining them. When they see a beautiful and veluptuous blonde, they accept readily!

For 17 holes, this blonde golfs horribly. On the 18th hole, a par 5, she manages to reach the green in 4, but has a 40 foot putt to sink for par. “I would give anything, anything in the world, if I could only sink this putt” she exclaims.

Thinking as old men do, each offers assistance in turn. The first old man says, “hold your hands tight together and aim about six inches right of the hole.”

The second says, “No, no, aim just left of the hole and make sure to hit it firm so as not to leave it short!”

The 3rd gentleman surveys the hole carefully and says, “Ah, it’s a gimme!”

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