Miracle Bunny

A friend of mine was out hunting a few years back and, as chance would have it, on the way home he ran over a bunny rabbit. Since it was right in front of a large farmhouse, he thought he’d stop and make sure it wasn’t a pet. The farmer was sitting on the porch, and had seen the whole incident.

My friend asked if the rabbit had been a pet. The farmer said that it wasn’t, but he also said that he had something that might help the poor thing out. He went into his house and came out a moment or two later with a little jar. He went out to the rabbit and poured a little on its head.

Sure enough, the bunny opened it eyes and got up. It hopped a little ways down the road and turned around and waved at the farmer and my friend. Then it hopped on down the road a little further, and turned and waved again. This hop and wave action was repeated until the bunny hopped out of sight over a hill.

Of course, my friend was more than a little amazed! What’s in that bottle?, he asked the farmer.

Just a little hair restorer with permanent wave!

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