You Might Be Stupid If …

… you can’t remember how to spell “IQ.”

… you can’t remember the number for 911.

… you just discovered your AM radio also works in the afternoon.

… you use correction fluid on your PC monitor.

… you fail Physical Education.

… you can not spell it.

… you try to turn the light on to find a flashlight in a power outage!

… you put braille on a drive up teller machine.

… you think Taco Bell is a Mexican phone company.

… you think a pigpen is something to write with!

… you think a cartoon is a song about automobiles.

… you use your CD-ROM unit as a drink holder.

… you frequently misspell your own name.

… you’ve ever been stuck in a toilet seat.

… you walk your kid to school because you’re in the same grade.

… it takes you two hours to watch 60 minutes.

… you often wonder who Ronald McDonald’s parents are.

… you sell your car for gas money.

… you think Hamburger Helper comes with a man.

… you try thinking and nothing happens.

… you think a quarterback is a refund!

… you think hot dogs are real meat.

… people nick-name you Homer.

… you cook Minute Rice for an hour!

… upon approaching a traffic sign that says STOP AHEAD, you reach over and grab your passenger by the top of the head.

… you lose $25 on a horse race and then lose $25 on the instant replay!

… you were the one testing out the shark bite suit.

… you get tangled up in a cordless phone.

… you need to be reminded to breath.

… someone tells you to call 911, and you can’t find the 11!

… you take a donut back cause it has a hole on it!

… you stare at an orange juice can because it says concentrate.

… you have to look “stupid” up in the dictionary.

… you sit on the T.V. and watch the couch.

… you tell your wife not to laugh as you point a gun to your head, because she is next!

… you think Yogi Bear played for the Yankees.

… you bronze a gold medal as a keep sake.

… you get lost in your closet.

… you take an I.Q. test and forget to write your name.

… you go around a revolving door looking for the door knob.

… you list the police department as a reference on your resume.

… you get fired from volunteer work.

… a hamburger is a cheeseburger, hold the cheese, to you.

… you run around looking for a quarter to call 911.

… you can’t find the “ANY” key on the keyboard.

… you feel for one millisecond that you may have won the sweepstakes this time despite the fact that it is stamped in clear view “bulk rate.”

… you try to look up a word in the dictionary without knowing how to spell it correctly, and you can’t find it. Feeling like a “genius”, that you realize that WEBSTER’S DICTIONARY made an error.

… if it takes you an hour to make minute rice.

… you have to look on both ends to open a bottle.

… someone offers you a bagel and you reply, “No thanks, I already have a dog!”

… you turn the light on to see if it’s dark.

… you take your chia pet for a walk.

… you wear your glasses while looking for them.

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