Look Out Below

On an airplane were three notable gentlemen: a priest, a hunter, and a general in the army. The flight was going perfectly until the plane hit some terrible turbulence and began shaking wildly. In the turmoil, the plane’s door flew open, and each man dropped an item, which was instantly sucked out of the plane. The priest lost a small brass cross, the hunter lost a knife, and the general lost a grenade.

Later on, a young girl was found crying in the street. A man passing by asked, “What’s the matter, sweetie?” The girl replied, “A cross fell out of the sky and killed my cat!”

“Boy, that really sucks!”

A young boy was found crying. A woman passing asked, “What’s the matter?”

He fought back tears and said, “A knife fell out of the sky and killed my mother!”

“Oh God! That’s horrible!”

Another small boy was found laughing uncontrollably. A man asked him, “What’s so darned funny?”

When the boy finally got control of himself, he replied, “I farted and my house exploded!”

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