National Condom Week

Here’s a *salute* to the *new* condoms on the market!

Lumberjack Condoms – For the woody that won’t be cut down.

Sprout Condoms – Add a little moisture, and watch it grow!

Helium Condoms – For those flaccid moments when you just need a lift …

KFC Condoms – When you just need to *wing* it.

ASPCA condoms – For that lil’ pup in you!

Howdy Doody Condoms – When you know “what time it is!”

Lassie Condoms – When you know she’s a bitch, but you’re gonna do her anyway!

George W. Bush Condoms – When “Junior” wants to take over!

Yawn Condoms – When you’re bored stiff.

Memory Condoms – When it’s on the tip of your tongue.

Chatterbox Condoms – When you need to talk it up.

Cheerleader Condoms – When you want it *Rah*!

Scorpion Condoms – When you wanna sting ‘er!

Jock Condoms – When it’s a team effort!

Prone Condoms – When you flat-out want it.

Pitching Wedge Condom – For those special moments in the rough!

Electrical Condom – Cures the shorts in your pants!

Plumbing Condom – When you know you’re gonna clean those pipes!

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