Turkish Prison

An Englishman, a Irishman and a Scotsman were all sentenced to 10 years in a Turkish jail. However, because the judge was in a good mood, they were permitted to have any thing they want supplied in the jail with them. The Englishman asks for a couple hundred barrels of whiskey. So they lock him in there with a ten year supply of his favourite brand. Next the Scotsman asks to be locked away with a half dozen beautiful blondes. So they put him in his cell with some of the best looking women in the city. Finally the Irishman asks for some cigars, they lock him away with a ten year supply of the finest Cuban cigars.

Ten years later, the warden comes to release the prisoners. They open the Englishman’s cell and he’s slumped dead in a corner, apparently he died of alcohol poisoning. Moving on, they open the Scots’s cell and he’s dead too, laying flat and motionless on a bed with a smile etched on his face. The women tell the guards he died of exhaustion just two weeks ago. Finally they get to the Irish man. Dreading the worst, they open his cell and the Irishman jumps out with a cigar in his hand and asks: “Have you got a light?”

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