The Blonde and the Cop

One day a blonde in a red corvette was driving down a road swirving all over the place. A cop saw her and pulled her over.

He said, “Miss, may I please see your license and registration?”

“What’s that?” said the blonde.

“Well, one you keep in your glove box and the other you keep in your wallet.”

“Okay.” After looking around for a while, she finds them and shows them to the cop.

“Will you please step out of the vehicle?” said the cop. He then draws a line on the sidewalk with chalk. He says, “Get in that circle and don’t get out until I tell you to.” So she gets in the circle and he starts looking around in the car. He accidentally dents it and she laughs.

He says,”What you think that’s funny?” She just keeps on laughing.

So he goes over and kicks the door to make an even bigger dent. She laughs even harder. So then he goes over to all the tires and pokes them with his pen to flatten them. She kept right on laughing. So, not knowing what she was laughing at, he goes over and smashes all the windows. She laughed longer and harder. He says,”My God! What’s the matter with you? I just wrecked your whole car and your laughing!”

The blonde says, “What you didn’t know was, the four times you weren’t looking, I stepped out of the circle.”

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