Up in a Hotel Room…

An old man and his wife are going on a vacation, but they need to stop on the way for the night. They decide to stop at a hotel.

The husband says, “Damm, honey, I’m tired. Why don’t we just go to bed?”

His wife replies, with a sly smile: “I have something that will keep you awake.”

The husband exchanges the smile, and says, “Okay, but let me get ready. They go up to their room, and the husband goes into the bathroom. The wife hears some moaning and groaning, and she thinks that her husband is getting “ready”.

He finally comes out and they screw for several hours. The wife notices that the husband is being very agressive that night; he seems to be licking everywhere, shoving it in and out with great gusto, and grunting nearly the whole time.

Finally, they both stop, and lay back, panting. The wife says: My, honey you were very active tonight.”

The husband heads toward the door, but at the entrance he stops, turns, and takes off a mask that is an exact replica of her real husbands face.

The man says with a grin: “Man, you really know how to work it. By the way, your husband is in the bathtub.”

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