Dumb Tennessian

One day Alabama, Nebraska, and Tennessee football players had to ride together to California to go to a football conference. On the the way there, their car breaks down right beside Death Valley and they had to walk the rest of the way.

About an hour later they see a news van coming down the road, they try to wave it down, but instead of stopping and offering them a ride they get out and start filming them! They followed them for God only knows how long when finally stopped them and started interviewing them, they asked them what they brought with them to survive in the desert.

They asked the Alabama player he said, “I brought a gallon of water so I wouldn’t dehydrate.” They thought that was pretty smart.

They asked the Nebraska player what he brought and he said, “I brought a pack of bologna so I wouldn’t starve.” They thought that was pretty smart too.

They asked what the Tennessee player what he brought with him and he said, “A car door.” “What did you bring a car door with you for!?” He replied, “So I can roll the window down if I get hot … Duh.”

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