The Man and his Farm

There was once a man who owned a farm. One day, he decided to buy some animals for his farm. He went to the animal mall.

He spotted a chicken. He said to the owner, “I would like to buy that chicken.” The owner replied, “Its called a poulet (prounounced pull-it)” The farmer bought it, and then went to a rooster shop. The owner said, “Its called a cock, not a rooster” so the owner bought that too. On the way home, he saw a man selling a donkey. He said, “I would like the buy that donkey”, but the man said, “the correct term is ‘ass’, not ‘donkey'”, so the farmer bought the ass also. The seller quickly added, “once in a while, give him a scratch behind the ears, he likes that.

The farmer then said, “alright, would you please hold my cock and poulet while I scratch my ass?”

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