Doctor Visit

A young hillbilly and his new bride wanted desperately to start a family, but they didn’t know what they had to do to have children. So, they decided to visit a doctor.

With a great deal of embarrassment, the young man explained their situation. The doctor took out his charts and books for adolescents and carefully explained the birds and the bees. The two looked bewilderedly at each other, then at the doctor.

The doctor attempted to explain in various ways and terms the ins and outs of human reproduction. The same result.

Finally, exasperated, the doctor laid the bride on the examination table, removed all her clothing, and had intercourse with her.

He then turned to the young hillbilly and asked, “Now do you understand?”

“Yes, doctor,” the hillbilly responded, “but just one question.”

Slapping his forehead in total disbelief, the doctor squawked, “Yes, what is it now?”

How often do I have to bring her in?”

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