3 pieces of Stringaa

3 pieces of String decided one evening,to go to a bar for a Drink. Two found a seat, and one walked up to the bar, and asked the barman for a pint of Bitter. “Im not serving you!” the barman replied, “you’re a piece of string!” So the string went back to his friends and told them how he couldn’t get served. The second piece of string said he’d try, and would be really polite in order to get served. So,he walks to the bar, and says “Lovely pub you’ve got here, nice location, ill have a pint of Bitter please mate.” The barman again, replies: “im not serving you, your a piece of string!” So, the third piece of string,decides to disguise himself in an atempt to get served. He ripps himself up, and generally makes himself look a mess, and walks over to the bar. “Ill have a pint of Bitter please mate” the string says to the barman. So the barman replies, “Hey, your a peice of string arn’t you?” And the string replies “Im affraid not!” (A frayed knot)

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