“Plot” For Sale

A sweet girl of Seventeen is very eager to offer a small lovely “TRIANGULAR PLOT” for sale which is centrally located on the slope of the lower area but not observed or explored by anybody till date. For the last 17 years the plot being tenderly cared and looked after by the girl herself. The plot is fertile and can bear best result even in the first planting.

For the last four years the plot was covered with shiny black curly grass which is very tender to touch. No machine has yet been used for trimming the grass which has now covered the whole area.

Another thing which adds beauty of the plot is the fantastic pond hidden under it. Offer are immediately invited from young men with firm and energetic capital which can be put in easily and this must give outflowing white liquid capital.

The young men should be strong enough to plough in hard with his own tool. Although initially it will be hard and a bit difficult to cut open the gate seal. Once the capital is put in the entrance will not repent and will be delighted to have ventured into the site.

Since the neighbours are waiting for an opportunity to the pounce this marvellous plot make haste to be first to enter into the site. Yet another fact to be disclosed regarding the site is that the “DOUBLE HILLS” on the top of the said plot is already captured by the local students. Anyhow, they are not permitted to go down.

Offer for lease or retail will not be accepted.


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