Intimate Mother/Daugher Discussion

A mother and her daughter are walking along the beach one evening. The sun was setting and the cool breeze coming in off the ocean was absolutely wonderful.

The girl says, “Mom, my breasts have really begun growing. Do you think I should start wearing a larger bra?”

The Mom thinks for a moment and then says, “Sure, honey, we’ll go to the store tomorrow and buy my baby a beautiful peach colored lace bra that fits properly.”

A few minutes later the girl says, “Mom, I’m starting to grow a lot of hair down “there”. Do you think it would be OK to start trimming it a bit?”

Mom reflects on this question and responds, “Why sure, honey, we’ll buy some fine trimming scissors while at the store purchasing your new pretty lace bra.”

A little later the girl asks another question, “Tommy asked me to kiss him yesterday. I really like him. Do you think that would be ladylike for me to allow him just one tiny kiss?”

The Mother is getting nervous now, but finally replies, Darling, I believe that would perfectly OK, but you mustn’t allow him to do anything else. OK, my dear?”

“Sure Mom, I understand and I truly respect your judgement.” replies the daughter.

A few more minutes went by and the girl tenderly grabs her mother’s hand and looks her in the eyes, saying, “Mom, am I old enough to start douching?”

The Mother is now speechless, having given her daughter all this very open and candid advice. She thought for several minutes and spoke her final words of wisdom, “Sweetie, that’s too difficult a question for me to answer. Why don’t you ask one of those seagulls that’s been following you for hours!”

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