Complimentary Peanuts

A business traveller has stopped at the hotel lounge at the end of the day to have a drink before heading to his room. After ordering his drink, he just sits back and takes a sip when he hears a voice say, “My, that’s a nice haircut.” The man looks around and doesn’t notice anyone nearby, shrugs his shoulders, and turns back to his drink.

A few minutes later the man hears the voice again say, “That’s really a nice shirt.” Again the man looks around for the owner of the voice and doesn’t see anyone. The man shakes his head thinking he’s just tired, and calls the bartender over to pay for his drink & return to his room.

The bartender walks over and notices that the man is looking around him with a confused look on his face and asks the man what was wrong. “I guess I’m more tired than I thought, because I’m hearing voices.” The bartender just smiles at the man, “You are hearing voices. It’s coming from the peanuts. They’re complimentary.”

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