Dead Blonde

A blonde walked into a barber shop wearing headphones and carrying a walkman. When the barber was ready for her, he asked her to please remove the headphones.

The blonde, however, replied, “No, I’d just die without them.”

With this, the barber proceeded to cut her hair around her headphones. A few weeks later, the blonde returned with the same headphones and the same walkman and even the same clothes, but her hair looked a little funny. Again, when the barber asked her to remove the headphones, she replied, “but I’d just die without them.”

The barber decided he’d let her have her own way and cut her hair again around the headphones. Yet again, a couple of weeks later, the blonde walked in with the same headphones, the same walkman and the same clothes and asked for a haircut. This time, the barber insisted that she remove her headphones. The blonde complied and removed her headphones. After about a minute, she keeled over and died. This made the barber curious about the headphones, so he put them on and pressed play.

He heard … “Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out.”

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