Johnny’s Gambling

The teacher had caught Johnny gambling several times. She requested a conference with Johnny’s dad who admitted that he also had tried to break Johnny of his gambling habit.

After many failed efforts, Johnny one day (after school) called the teacher a hypocrite.

“Why do you say that, Johnny,” she asked.

“Because you are.”

Again she asked, “why.”

He said, “Because you’re not a true blonde.”

She demanded to know how much money Johnny had. It came to about $50. She bet him $50 dollars she was a true blonde.

She went behind her desk and removed her panties. Then she stood with her back to the door and pulled her dress up showing her radiantly blonde pubic hair. Afterwards she called the father and told him what she had done “in Johnny’s best interest.”

The father moaned and groaned and cried, “Oh, no,” numerous times.

The teacher said, “Look, I did this for Johnny. Do you think it was easy for me to pull up my dress and show Johnny my pussy? I’d think you’d be understanding instead of critical!”

The father replied, “Oh, I’m not so upset that you showed Johnny your pussy, it’s just that …”

“Just that what?” the embarrassed teacher asked.

The father replied, “It’s just that I decided to break Johnny of betting myself, and this morning I bet him that he was wrong when he boasted that before the day was over, he’d have you lifting your skirt and showing him your pussy.”

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