Keys Locked in Car

A colleague had left work, started driving off, and remembered he’d left his jacket in the office. He stopped the car, locked the door, and ran back to the office to get the jacket.

When he returned to his car, he realised that he’s locked the keys inside the car, and lights were on and the engine was ticking over. He ran back to the office for help.

His car was a Ford Fiesta, which could be opened in seconds with a piece of packing tape (I knew, because I had the same model).

As it happened, we’d had a delivery that day, and there was packing tape all over. I picked up a length, and went with him to the car. I had the door open in seconds. My colleague, who wasn’t the quickest brain on the planet, was mightily impressed.

“Do you mind if I keep that?” he asked.

“Sure,” I said, “it’s only a bit of rubbish.”

“Great,” he replied. “I’ll keep it in the glove compartment in case I do that again!”

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