… And Laugh About It

The patron at a bar bet the barkeep 25 dollars that he can bite his own eye. The barkeep reluctantly decides to take the obviously drunk patron just to teach him a lesson.

So, the drunk takes out his false teeth and bites his left eye. After paying up, the barkeep agrees to double or nothing that he can bite his other eye with the added provision that he keeps his teeth in. So he pulls his glass eyeball out, puts it between his lips and bites it.

The now furious barkeep pays off the second bet of 50 dollars when the drunk offers him a chance to recoup his losses with still another proposition, that he can piss from one end of the bar to the glass at the other end. The twice-bitten bartender surveys the 30 foot long bar and just KNOWS it can’t be done. Sure enough, the drunk pulls out his drainhose and merely splatters urine across the counter. The relieved barkeep laughs and collects his money, cleans off the counter and asks why he made such a stupid bet when he was clearly ahead.

“Oh, I bet the guys in the back 500 dollars that I could pee all over your counter and you’d laugh about it.”

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