How to make a Horse Laugh and Cry

Back in wild west days, men gave great attention to their horses’ states of mind. Some had horses that they believed could laugh or cry, depending on what was said to them. A saloon operator was one of these. He was able to make his horse “Jason” laugh or cry on occasion. People around town heard about this phenomenon but didn’t believe the bartender could actually bring it off.

So the bartender, tiring of their criticism, staged a contest in which he offered a generous reward to anyone who could make his horse laugh and cry: $1,000 to anyone who can make Jason laugh; $5,000 to anyone who can make Jason cry. He posted the notice in his bar and waited.

One day a stranger rode into town, bought himself a drink, and read the poster with interest. The stranger was known as a “horse whisperer” and he apparently had powers to communicate verbally with horses. So the stranger entered the contest, paying his five dollar fee and retiring to the stable out back to try to make Jason laugh. Pretty soon, several townspeople who were witnessing this attempt shouted with excitement. The stranger was making Jason laugh his head off. The bartender saw this happen, and declared the stranger the winner.

Then the stranger asked the people to step aside while he took Jason around the corner, in his effort to make Jason cry. In a moment, Jason was heard to make horrible sobbing sounds, and the townspeople who witnessed this were filled with admiration for the stranger, as was the bartender, who heard Jason crying and ran to witness the act. The stranger won both prizes, and was proud of himself.

So the bartender treated the stranger to a nice drink in his saloon, but had to ask the obvious question. “How did you make Jason laugh?” The stranger replied, “I whispered in his ear the following: ‘My dong is bigger than yours.'” Jason burst into spontaneous laughter.

“But how did you make Jason cry?” asked the bartender.

“It was easy,” said the stranger. “I took him around the corner out back there and showed him my dong.”

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