Sam Ting Story

A man named Sam Goldberg owned a store in New York. This store almost never closed, and he and his wife never went on a vacation.

One day, the man asked his wife where she wanted to go for a vacation. She said,”But Sam, we haven’t closed the store in years!”

Sam insisted, so she chose to go to San Francisco. As soon as they arrived there on the plane, they rented a car and went to eat dinner in Chinatown. When Sam found a parking space, he noticed a sign saying, “Sam Goldberg’s Chineese Food.” He became enraged and ran into the store. He called for the owner, and an old Chineese man came forward.

Sam Goldberg said to him, “Your shop can’t be named ‘Sam Goldberg’s Chineese Food’ because that is my name, and you aren’t even Jewish!”

Then the Chineese man explained how he got the name. When he arrived in America, he came up to the citizenship building and was in line after a man named Sam Goldberg. When he went to talk to the citizenship official, the official asked for the Chineese man’s name. He then said, “Sam Ting.”

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