What Kind of Kootchie do you have?

A-1 Steak Sauce Kootchie: Yeah, It’s that important
Apple Jack’s Kootchie: We eat what we like
Apple Jack’s Kootchie: But they don’t taste like apples

Carnation Instant Breakfast Kootchie: You’re gonna love it in an instant
Chili’s Kootchie: I want my baby back……
Coca-Cola Kootchie: Have a coke and a smile

Dell Kootchie: Easy as Dell
Discover Card Kootchie: Discover the possibilities

Ford Kootchie: Have you driven a ford lately?
Fruit Loops Kootchie: Follow your nose…..

Golden Crisp Kootchie: Can’t get enough of that golden crisp

Herbal Essences Kootchie: Yes, Yes, YES!!!
Hidden Valley Ranch: Taste is everything
Hostess Kootchie: Hey, Where’s the creme filling?
Hostess Kootchie 2: Now that’s the stuff

Jell-o Kootchie: There’s always room for jello

Kool-Aid Kootchie: Oh Yeah

Lay’s Kootchie: Get your own Bag
Life Savers Kootchie: So full of life (savers)

Mastercard Kootchie: For everything else there’s mastercard
Mercury Kootchie: Imagine yourself in a mercury
Mcdonald’s Kootchie: I’m lovin’it
Mcdonald’s Kootchie: Change is good
Milk Kootchie: Got Milk

Nintendo 64 Kootchie: Get in or get out

Oreo’s Kootchie: Unlock the magic

Pepto Bismol Kootchie: Pink does more than you think
Playstation 2 Kootchie: Live in your world, play in ours
Pokemon Kootchie: Gotta Catch Em’ All
Pork Kootchie: The other white meat

Reese’s Kootchie: There’s no wrong way to eat a reese’s

Sara Lee Kootchie: Nobody doesn’t like Sara Lee
Sherwin Williams Kootchie: Where to get it
Skittles Kootchie: Taste the Rainbow
Snicker’s Kootchie: Hungry, Why wait
Subway Kootchie: Eat fresh
Super Soaker Kootchie: Wetter is better

Tressame Kootchie: Ooh Laa Laa
Twix Kootchie: The CreamyChewyCaramelChocolateyCrunchyCookie
Tyson’s Kootchie: Feeding you like family

Visine Kootchie: Get’s the red out

Wendy’s Kootchie: Eat great even late

Zip-lock Kootchie: Designed with you in mind

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