I’m a Lesbian

There was a drunk sitting in a local tavern when a drop dead gorgeous lady walked in and sat the other end of the bar from him. He said to the bartender, “Give that babe a drink on me.”

The bartender replied, “Sure, but don’t count on anything from it, she happens to be a lesbian.”

Being too drunk to even think straight, the guy decided to strike up a conversation with the lady and, approaching her stated, “I hear you are from lesbia. Correcting him she told him there was no such place and that she was a lesbian.

Unable to make him understand that it was a lifestyle, she offered an example. “Do you see that young lady in the corner?”

“Yes,” he says.

“What I would like to do to her is to take her home, remove her shirt, fondle her lovely breasts and then make love to her all night.”

With this, the drunk broke down and started to cry.
“What is the matter?” She asked.

The drunk said through his tears, “I think I am a lesbian too.”

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