Golf Story

A good ‘ol boy businessman found himself in the same foursome as Ben Hogan at a pro-am. After watching Hogan hit a four iron to a par three of some 190 yards and having it check abruptly not 10 feet from the pin he saunterd over to Ben and put his arm around his shoulder.

Unaware of Hogans rather surly demeanor and sharp wit he asked how he, Hogan, had managed to hit this remarkable shot and if he too could learn how to do it.

Hogan turned after removing the man’s arm and asked him just how far he hit HIS four iron. The ‘ol boy replied quite happily that he could manage about 150 to 160 yards whereupon Hogan uttered, “Then I see no reason as to why you would NEED to learn that shot.” and turned on his heel and walked away.

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