A Night To Remember!

An elderly couple was celebrating there 50th wedding anniversary and decided they would return to the resort they had honeymooned at so long ago. Upon getting there they had a wonderful dinner and dancing and drinking shortly followed.

The gentlemen said to his lady, “Honey let’s go upstairs and make this a night to remember.”

She readily agreed and they went into the room.

“Honey I want to make sweet lovin to ya, so get naked and lay on the bed and I am going to go freshen up in the bathroom and when I come out wow to the moon.”

He went into the bathroom and freshened up. When he came out he looked at the bed and said, “Ready or not hear I come!!!!”

His lovely bride of fifty years was not there like he said so he started to look around the sparsley lit room for her and low and behold he found her in the corner and he walked over to her. In the corner she was totally naked and standing in her head with her legs apart like a naked human “Y”.

“Honey what in god’s name are you doing?” he said.

She replied, “Well honey, I figured at your age if you can’t get it up you might as well drop it in!!!”

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